Upgrade Your Bike With Carbon Clincher Rims

One of the most popular choices in upgrading bikes, is to add carbon clincher rims. Being lighter, they help to reduce wind drag, which is one of the reasons they’re so popular. Having a carbon clincher wheelset makes for a smoother ride. They also result in a more direct power transfer than other wheels. There are a variety of options for carbon fiber on wheels. Although choosing these wheels is a good investment, you need to make sure you have enough knowledge in order to make a wise choice. Here are a few of the aspects to consider:

upgrade-your-bike-with-carbon-clincher-rims-example-1Tubular Or Clincher?

Whether you choose clincher or tubular will depend on the type of cycling you’re doing, as well as your personal preferences. Carbon wheelsets come in both tubular and clincher. If you’re needing a lighter wheel, which will provide low resistance and that is good on flat ground, then you’ll find the tubular will be the best option. The disadvantages of tubular wheels are: they are more expensive, and changing them during events can be time consuming. Also, punctures are more difficult to repair. It’s inconvenient to have to carry a spare wheel for this set.

For more convenience and ease, the Carbon Clincher wheels are a better option. They’re easy to change and to repair, and carrying spare tools and tubes is much easier. Low pressure and their heavier weight are the down side to this option. If you’re on a touring wide, a tubular wheel is not the best choice. It’s useful to consider these points when choosing carbon wheels:

The Weight Of The Rider

Some carbon wheels are made for lighter riders, and it’s therefore important to take this into consideration, and check if there are any limits – particularly when looking at lower profile wheels. Carbon rims do make your ride less smoother and less strenuous by saving weight.

upgrade-your-bike-with-carbon-clincher-rims-example-2Rim Depth

For the most part, a deeper rim means more aerodynamic. Having said that, there is a danger of being pushed around too much in strong winds if the rims are very deep. It’s particularly difficult riding on very deep rims when going through bad weather. If you’re doing trials and triathlons, an 80mm rim is a good choice. However, for longer rides, and for races, that depth could be very strenuous. For a rider who weight 160 pounds or more, a 50mm to 60mm rim would be best. For riders under that weight, the shallow 35 to 45mm rims would be fine.

Bike And Wheel Compatibility

As is the case when buying any wheels, you need to consider the bike compatibility when looking at carbon clincher wheels – especially if you’re buying high profile. This is to avoid problems with braking components and the wheel. High performance wheels have bulges that are designed especially for them.

Reputable Suppliers

It’s important to make sure you buy your carbon clincher wheels from a reputable store which has a good track record. You should be able to choose from a wide variety of options, based on your requirements. Carbon wheels can make greatly improve your ride. They are also available from reputable suppliers online.

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