Melbourne Shutters

Melbourne Shutters – Take Your Best Pick are currently very many window treatments offered in the market. However, shutters are becoming increasingly more popular among clients seeking to make home improvements. This is because just like blinds, Melbourne shutters now come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, and are relatively easy to maintain.

Variety Of Shutters

There are a number of shutters you can choose from including timber and PVC shutters, which come in various styles including plantation, traditional or raised panel. There are also aluminum plantation shutters that can be used either as interior or exterior window shutters. Melbourne shutters can be fitted into any length or width, since a track system can be used to close and open them.

PVC Plantation And Cedar Shutters

When you are on a tight budget and are looking for an elegant alternative to real wood, PVC plantation shutters will offer you just that. They are not only stylish but affordable and very easy to maintain. They are able to withstand very harsh climatic conditions and can therefore be used in rooms like bathrooms, which have high levels of humidity. Cedar shutters are also ideal for rooms with high moisture content like bathrooms and large areas.

Timber Plantation Shutters

Timber plantation shutters are mostly made from bass wood and are normally available in stain and paint finishes. If you require a size that is not available, the provider will be happy to make then in the size you require. Hinges for your timber shutters are also available in bright brass, white or nickel colors among others.

Roller Shutters

If you need shutters that will offer you protection, roller shutters would be your ideal pick as they increase your home’s security on top of offering your home thermal insulation. In addition, they will give you control over the amount of light getting into your home, and also offer you protection from storms, wind and noise. Most come with electric motors. Solar roller shutters use solar panels to power the automation of the shutters, which is eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Aluminum Plantation Shutters

The use of aluminum plantation shutters means you do not need to install iron bars on your windows. The aluminum shutters can also be incorporated into your overhead awnings or privacy screens. They can be controlled using remote manual operation or remote control, which is electronic.


When you install shutters to your windows, you increase insulation from heat, therefore making your home cooler during the warm months, and this reduces your energy bills. Once you have shutters in your home, the value of the home increases as they enhance its appearance. Shutters are also easy to maintain as all you need is a damp cloth, and you can also get a lifetime or extended warranty for window treatments.


When installing shutters, you should try as much as possible to match the window frame with the shutter. Some providers of Melbourne shutters will offer you advice on the best shutter for your windows when you email them a photo of your window. As a rule, window shutters should not exceed three meters high as this weakens the shutter panels.

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